Tuesday, April 8, 2014

NOLA Greats

There is a treasure trove of greatness at NCSM New Orleans. See below for conference tweets that will link you to wonderful minds and resources.
Choose a problem and anticipate student responses. T/F: 80/4=(80/2)+(80/2). Kazemi & Hintz

Rethink homework! Purpose is not to give a child a grade, ever. What's your homework protocol? @tkanold tkanold.blogspot.com

Go beyond checking for understanding. Students must get feedback, take action. @tkanold

Working on our practice. Teach the same lesson twice with collaborative reflection in between. Nice! @maxmathforum http://mathforum.org/pps/

Number sense is acquired; you don't teach it, you nurture its development. @SkipFennell mathspecialists.org

Set it up so kids are asking the next question of the teacher, using the lang. of our discipline. @jgough http://jplgough.wordpress.com/

Stop making excuses. Implement what we know works. @steve_leinwand http://steveleinwand.com/
We say all students can learn, now we need to act that way. Cathy Seeley (via @Maryvfitz)